Most grades, most subjects.

I can help your student navigate most grade-level and content curriculum.  My certification is in 6th grade and beyond, but I have worked with some younger grades as well; however, I am NOT certified in special education.  I am happy to discuss your student’s individual needs and to tailor his/her learning for that curriculum, or even create a specific curriculum to help your student excel and meet his/her academic goals.

Individual, small group, and seminar settings

One of the benefits of tutoring is one-to-one or small group learning opportunities.  With little to no distractions from other students, your student will have an instructor fully focused on his/her needs and who can help him/her overcome barriers to academic success.

Individual learning sessions provide an environment where students can better organize their thoughts and concentrate on the objectives presented. 

In small group sessions (usually up to 3), students benefit from collaborative learning where they develop critical thinking skills, enhance interpersonal skills, and increase self-confidence as they learn to defend their positions, listen respectfully to other ideas and perspectives, reevaluate ideas, analyze messaging, and positively articulate personal world-views.  Through dynamic and often synergistic interactions, small group learning can become a powerful motivational tool for reluctant learners to discover the power of their voice in a safe and nurturing environment.  Where one-to-one learning sessions can sometimes be intimidating for some learners, small group sessions can often be the catalyst for a reluctant learner to blossom academically.

With Seminar Settings, students in larger groups can explore themes, units, or curricula together.  Some seminars that many students enjoy are Mythology, Dystopian, Who Am I?, Holocaust Remembrance, How the Constitution Shaped America, and more.  Collaborating with parents and students, we can create engaging and dynamic units from which large groups of students can benefit from exploring.  Further, Seminar settings can also be a dynamic place for adult learners to explore new ideas and to develop new skills for their classrooms or homeschool rooms.  Seminar settings are excellent motivators for learners of all ages to engage with other similarly interested individuals to explore topics which inspire them, challenge them, and strengthen their skills.


I can work with most curricula to help your student be successful in his/her public, private, or homeschool classroom.  Also, I can work with you and your student to create a specific and tailored program of study which meets state academic standards.  As a WA certified teacher and administrator, I am in a unique position to be able to act as a teacher of record to certify your student’s learning progress.

  • English, Grammar, Essay Writing
  • Resume Writing, Creative Writing
  • Research, Reading, Critical Analysis
  • History
  • Math up to Algebra (NOT Common Core)
  • Spanish, ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • ACT/SAT Prep
  • Bible
  • And MORE.


Using accredited home school curriculum, I can create personalized core classes for individual, small group, or larger seminar groups.  While I am familiar with several home school curricula, I am most experienced with ABEKA and APOLOGIA.


For parents who would like to collaborate with someone with a “teacher brain” to create engaging curriculum for their children, I can work with you to customize your child’s learning by helping you find what works best for your child.  While you may not need a tutor for your child, perhaps you would benefit from collaboration with an experienced teacher who can help you develop your teaching skills, increase your teaching confidence, and explore exciting ideas to spark your child’s learning interests.


As a state-certified teacher, I am trained in proctoring achievement tests and can therefore proctor student testing. Also, as a state-certified teacher, I can act as a teacher of record to monitor student achievement progress as per the state standards.

Professional Development:

Professional development is an integral part of an educator’s educational journey.  Professional development provides educators the opportunity to refine their practice, explore new ideas, experiment with new technologies, and learn new techniques that will better engage their students and increase student achievement.  Regardless of whether an educator is a public, private, or home school teacher, each is an educator and each one deserves the opportunity to engage in life-long learning opportunities where he/she can expand his/her skill-set, develop personal and professional efficacy, and cultivate a dynamic, nurturing, and inspiring professional learning community.  Therefore, I will develop a variety of professional development opportunities in which teachers may participate; further, if there is a topic a teacher or school would like for me to develop and tailor for them, I am happy to accommodate that request, as well.

Instructional Coaching:

Just as students benefit from personalized, one-to-one learning, so do educators.  Educators often attend professional development sessions where they are inspired to try new techniques which sound great during the session, but when the teachers return to the rigors of the classroom, often they feel overwhelmed with how to successfully incorporate those techniques into an already jammed-packed curriculum.  Sometimes, educators simply feel overwhelmed with the course or student load and simply need an encouraging word to help them “see” the success they are already achieving or to visualize a different method to increase those achievements.  With a Master’s in Education Administration, I am trained in using real-time, daily student data to coach teachers by improving their instructional practice to increase student achievement.

Collaborating with teachers to increase their confidence and support their goals is a worthwhile endeavor and one I greatly enjoy. 

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are doing a great job until someone else sees what we are doing and acknowledges our hard work; and sometimes, when we are struggling, it takes an outside perspective to give us that little nudge which gives us the courage to try new ideas, techniques, and methodologies that further inspire greatness in our students.  Instructional Coaching is a reflective strategy that focuses on how teachers can improve their practice.  Instructional coaching uses reflective practice, which focuses on the impact of teacher practice on student achievement, to make a good teacher great and a great teacher extraordinary.  Collaborating with an Instructional coach can provide teachers with personal, tailored, professional development that will help them explore strategies that will help their students close achievement gaps and achieve academic goals.