About Me

My name is Jennifer Berson and currently I am from Port Angeles, WA.  I am originally from MS and my husband is originally from Alaska.  We met via Yahoo!.com in 2001 when I was teaching Spanish to Middle Schoolers in Houston, TX. When we married in 2002, he transplanted me to AK, where until recently we spent our summers. In 2004, we wanted to be closer to family, so we moved to Port Angeles where I taught English, Drama, and Journalistic Writing at Port Angeles High School. 

My husband, Eric, and I have two terrific children; Tia (18) and Joshua (14), and two fur-babies, mini-Aussies named Ember Rose and Willow Rain.  Our family enjoys music, movies, amateur gardening, and get-togethers with the extended family.

Everyone needs that one person in their life who is their biggest cheerleader and who will go that extra mile with them.

My husband and I own a carving business here in Port Angeles where my husband is the carver and I am primarily the business manager, although I do help him with finish work when I can.

I have been a teacher for nearly thirty years (grades 6-12) and have taught in a variety of settings (one room school house, home school, private school, public school), states (MS, TX, AK, WA), and one other country (Belize).  In the beginning of my career, I taught a variety of subjects, like Algebra, Calculus, Reading, Family Living, ESL, English, Spanish, Bible; however, in the last half of my career, I focused on English and Spanish.  I am also an ordained minister; I have pastored several churches and served in numerous other leadership roles in various churches.  Now, I enjoy leading Bible Studies in small group settings and working on a special writing project.

Along with my pastoral credentials, I am a WA state certified teacher and a certified administrator.  I hold a BA in Biblical Literature and Christian Missions, a BS in English and Spanish, and a Master of Education Administration.

I am passionate about learning!  It is my belief that education has the potential to unlock doors and to break down barriers to success; therefore, every student deserves a person who will advocate for them, believe in them, and challenge them to push through obstacles to achieve their success.  One thing I have learned is that in life, it is often not what we do, but HOW we do it that makes all the difference. Thus, everyone needs someone in their corner to encourage them, to support them, to challenge them, to believe in them, to hear them, and to guide them.  Everyone needs that one person in their life who is their biggest cheerleader and who will go that extra mile with them; I have always been that person for my students, friends, and coworkers.

My greatest desire for all those around me is that they learn to find their voices so that they can dream BIG, reach HIGH for their stars, and discover how to move THEIR mountains.  I believe that circumstances do not define people, rather those circumstances can be the catalyst for people to transform their world.  An eternal optimist, I believe anything is possible through faith, determination, and perseverance; thus, having the right people in our lives to push us to see that truth is key, and for those who know me, I am that person.